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MY Soil

MY SOIL is liquid based mixed microbes which clean your soil. 70% of the problem for plant arise from soil, when soil is cleaned plant will grow well.

MY Plant

MY PLANT is solid dust of organic carbon with minerals, calcium and other humus substance and enriched with lot of good microbes which gives plant naturally all macronutrient, micronutrient and elements, which acts in the natural process. The microbe’s keeps on multiplying as long there is enough organic carbon in your field.

MY Doctor

MY DOCTOR is liquid based pesticide and fungicide for protection of plant from external attack of PESTS and FUNGUS.

MY Nutrient

MY NUTRIENT for soil and foliar spray. For soil, humus are soluble in natural method no chemical is used. For foliar spray of micronutrient are also naturally soluble.

The method we use to produce these products is a very old method. It takes long time to produce but the result is excellent and magical. Some product takes 4 to 6 months for production.