Welcome to R.R Power Solutions

RR Power Solutions , a leading manufacturer of True On-line UPS systems in South India with more than 15 years experience and having highly satisfied clientele, is growing by the day. Established in 2004, RR Power solutions has concentrated in the field of power quality and its improvement. The Company has emerged as a leader in design and manufacture of UPS inverter systems.

RR Power Solutions is a green energy solutions provider founded by professional consultants from energy, management and marketing fields. Driven by a passion for green energy, the founders merged their strengths and combined experience of more than 10 years to become a leading provider of affordable, innovative and high quality renewable energy solutions in India.

Since inception, RR Power Solutions has made consistent efforts to provide best solutions to power problems of customers, both in terms of technology and services and continues its quest for complete customer satisfaction.

RR Power Solutions attaches utmost importance to quality standards at every stage of the manufacturing process. The products undergo stringent quality tests to ensure that only the best is made available to the customers.